Well I Don't Know Where To Start...

This is kind of personal so please don't be mad. I don't know if I have a split personality or not. I mean, I guess I kind of do if you put it in perspective. When I was little I had a ton of friends in my head. Their names were Rachel, Leah, and Sarah. Rachel had dark brownish hair with hints of a natural red. She was the more out going popular one. Leah was blonde haired and sweet. Sarah was almost just like me and my best friend. As I grew older they faded away. Going through the teenage years another personality emerged only twice so far. I don't communicate with it and it only happens when I am wound up. I don't have control. It's like it isn't...me. It only appeared when people took something personal and precious to me. For example if someone took my journal I /it will probably tackle them to the ground and do everything in my power to get it back. I just don't know. It is dangerous probably until I come back to my senses. Also it makes me go a little crazy and risky and do things I will probably regret even though it could only just be a person I trust who has my journal or something similar. It's not like i can interact with it though or anything. Does this sound like a split personality disorder?
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naw, if you had split personality disorder youd be blanking out, and people would be asking you about weird stuff you may have done without remembering. you probably have a small amount of attachment/trust issues, which is why you have that journal you mentioned in the first place. attacking someone who takes it... would you hit someone if they tried to take your baby? yeah? its normal. and tonnes of people had imaginary friends when they were little. it sounds like youre fine, your mind is just a bit more developed than the rest of you. youre over thinking. honestly, that is how you react in a stressful situation... we all have our own unique ways, not necessarily ""disorders"". be glad you are someone who will react, not panic. you take action, alot of people wont stand up to the challenge. youve got fight in you. thats nothing bad. and as far as the "other personality" thats just you getting mad/defensive. personally, I black out when stuff like that happens... ive broken my right hand at least a dozen times, and didnt realize until i calmed down and coudnt move some fingers. its not an "it" its a state of mind. from now on focus on how you think and react in different situations when they happen, then later think how you could have done things differently, better yourself every day. apparently youre not older than 15, you start working self enlightenment and control now, by the time youre 20ish youll have alot better grasp on life than most do. im 21, and i just started doing that about a year ago... i wish i could have started when i was 5. how i handle people and events now comparatively to two years ago, theyre worlds apart. without rambling on and on... lastly, DO NOT focus on pitfalls, failures, sadness, shortcomings, disadvantages or negativity in general... when you give those things attention, they become stronger. the same applies too happiness, opportunity, growth, joy, advantages and positivity in general. your mind will lead you too what you focus on, regardless of what/where that is. focus on what you want out of life, and it will come to you. if you focus on your failure and what your life might become, that will become your reality. everything we say, do, and aspire for is merely a product of thought, and decisions that come from them.