So Raven and i have kinda been having a thing for each other and now we're kinda datin. The problem is that she keeps talkin bout hot actors or checking guys out, yet she beats me up if i even check out one girl.

Is that how girls normally are or is it just her?

Lexy5 Lexy5
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Omg! You're dating one of your alters??? That's awesome! Sorry, I just thought I was the only one. You see, one of my alters is Freddy Krueger and I am married to him. It's good to know there are others like that. As for Raven, I suppose that's just the kind of alter she is. Everyone has different kinds. Mine are all usually very nice. But they can be mean if made angry.

yeah that's pretty normal, you'll find lots of alters (the lovers or cutters) tend to be really hypocritical.

By the way Raven is another alter.

i'd say its pretty normal