Fallen Raven

my gender doesn't concern you. my age is a mystery. my name, however, id be happy to say. it's Raven, you see, and games are my specialty. so what brings me here today? its all very simple, to say hello to the world. ive been around for long, but i cant tell you exactly. not that i don't know, but i don't see why i should. i am not here to meet more odd people, myself is all the weird one can take. nor am i hear to debate things with alll you peole lurking in the shadows behind your computer screens. nope. i am introducing myself. wether or not you give a crap matters not. do you now why?? because the great clock of my life can keep on ticking without your approval. oh yes, you are not very important-not to me at least. i, on the other hand, am very important. yes, the world will someday know my great name, people will oooh and ahh over my existance. but i really must ask, how does it feel to be unimportant? cast away like a used rag, discarded like an orange peel? how does it feel to know that nobody cares??

well im curious as to why it matters that anybody cares? who are these somebodies whose care you so deeply desire?? why do nobodies have such authority over your life that they can decide if you matter or not? well you ought to be more like me. im important because i say so. and thats that. nobody can step over me and nobody can hurt my so-called feelings just because of that. because as long as i decide that it doesnt matter, then it all just slides off my shoulders. no weights to carry around. no deppression meds or anything. because Raven W. is important.

just a hello from the newest member of this twisted family
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Hello Raven,
I really love your personality of having not a care for people knowing your name. I hope we can talk because I like your attitude.

Wow, I want to say thank you because this caused me to think for a moment that I matter, that perhaps I don't have to depend on others to feel good about being here.
Thank you for that. And thank you for being you!

youre welcome! thank u for taking the time to read it

*nods enthusiastically*

Hi Raven,

Nice to meet you.
You asked how does it feel to know nobody cares?
Horrible and lonely and nobody is an island everybody needs sombody some time.
I agree it shouldn't matter so much what strangers think about you and they don't get to decide if you matter or not.
But there should always be a balance with things in our lives.
Yes I too have the same attitude as you do as far as thinking I'm important because if you don't love and like yourself then it is a problem.
Yes you are important and so am I and so is everybody else.
We do need people to like and accept us even though we know we important.
It is a natural need to be accepted nobody wants to be different and not liked or accepted.
If you don't have the need for others to like and accept you then we have to accept that is the way you are and we have to respect that.
Which I do but really hope we can still talk at times on ep.

thank u for reading my stories

You are most welcome.

Welcome to the club Raven and thanks for sharing a snippet of your life with us :) I believe that personal approval comes over time and like you, I don't need your approval but one day I may seek said approval of/from you. We are all just passing actors and every now and again, one of those strangers will stop in for a quick hello. So hi ;)