So Quiet

its been so quiet around here. i wonder where everyone has gone, i i love reading yalls stories because i can always relate to some of them and when im feeling down it makes me feel a little better. i guess everyone got wrapped up in their own life haha i really do miss you all and i hope someone will eventually step up and share another story :) i wish you luck with whatever you might be going through!

DivineStitches DivineStitches
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2 Responses Jan 12, 2013

Hello Prim,
I have written many stories, from the truth, to some solutions, to hope, and even some short stories and children's stories (that most adults enjoy). I think all told there are like 30 or so.
Look through my library (LOL) and I am sure that there will be something that will be to your liking.
A Friend

will do

Hi Prim,

Nice to meet you, yes it can get a bit quiet sometimes.
I have met some really nice people on ep and some not so nice ones but then I can choose to friend them or not.
If ever u need someone to talk to I'm here and enjoy talking to people on ep.
Hope u have a good day today and can see something that will make you smile.
hope we can chat again soon.

thank u