At Least I Think I Do...

From what I've heard, multiple personality disorder is when you have more than, quote on quote, "one person in you, or one personality in you". And from that, if I'm correct, i think i may have it. I have a few sides to me (persona's you may say) that come out at random times throughout time. I have an extremely geeky, awkward klutz that trips over all of his words and is fairly awkward around everyone, making it hard for me to socialize. I have the me that talks back to me whenever I'm discussing anything, as in that little voice in your head that helps you debate things, but it's a much more severe problem. It's always coming out of my lips and not staying in my head. People are always asking me who I'm talking to, and i always have to rub the back of my neck and say myself. I always have the extremely quiet, depressed piece of myself that is always screaming for me to get away from everyone and just be alone. This has come out at multiple points in time, making everyone extremely worried for me (I'm usually a very talkative, hyper-active person.) I don't know what to think of myself when i can't even tell people what I'm like anymore. It's not necessarily a problem since if they really wanted to be my friend they'd get to know me along the way, but i just don't know how to deal with all of these "me's" that just come out of no where.
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Have you ever thought to consider that maybe the other people aren't YOU but separate individuals that just happen to share the same body with you?


Sounds to me like you do. I myself have five. A six year old or so, a thirteen year old, a sixteen year old, a nineteen year old and a twenty-nine year old. And then there's me a twenty-three year old female. There are times I don't even realize when one comes out until way after the fact. I got pregnant 15 months ago and didn't know I did stuff with the guy until the next morning. By that time, it was too late to do anything about it, not that I would have did anything to end the pregnancy. My daughter is six months old and i love her to death. She is my everything and glad shes here now. Anyways. I totally get the frustration and confusion. I am always willing to listen if you need someone to listen and maybe get advice from. I hope all goes well for you. Take care.

Thanks you for the support, i greatly appreciate it. I hope that it can get, if possible, a little bit better for you, as in being to recognize when its happening/going to happen. That happens to me sometimes to, the memory loss. It's happened before and cost me a very close friend. I hope that all goes well with you and your new family, and i wish you luck on the adventure that we call life!

For me, when one be about to come out, I have an out of body feeling. Like I'm floating above myself and then nothing. But most days now I can see what's going but I can't control myself. That's how I know anyways.

hi ntkotts my name is georgie i am 29 f i am new to this web page and to this group also so i do not know how to add any one yet so if u want to add me u can. i want to meet new ppl that have mpd. i have it also.

To add people to your Profile You click on their name (usually it will underline it and it's blue) and you look at their profile picture, which is usually located in the top left corner of their profile page. You then click add to circle, and they may or may not add you back, but then you'll be following all of their stories, when they make them, and statuses. Does this help?