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my name is georgie i am 29 f. i have mpd. i want to meet other ppl that have mpd, i want to get to know other ppl that have mpd also and i like to help ppl have mpd out alot. i hope that i will meet u all.
helpingmpdout helpingmpdout
26-30, F
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I really dont wanna join this group called I have MPD as I dont but I will join other support type groups !!!

location would help spme times easy to talk face to face

i do not know if there any one in my town that have it that i know of tho it is a little town. :(

it is hard as to many people have the wrong idea of what it means b ut i am in oregon if that would help you any way

u have facebook to am i right? bc i have a ricki on my friend list on there.

i did at one time tilli was off for while then tried to log on and found out all my information as changed

I use to have 6 now i just have 2 and it is ok but

willing to tlak with you any time i do have a vent account if you want to talk voice vent is a think people that play different games use to talk back and forth voice

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