An Introduction.

Hi, well i didn't make this account, but when another alter (not sure what to call her at the moment- she's going through a ... weird time in her life) first posted on here, i though... "why not?" So first off, my name is Ashton or Ash. I'mcurrently the only prominent male in a system of females. I know the "woman" tag on my profile might be confusing, but bear with me.
I really enjoy being an alter in this system since most of us are very close and get along well. I'm not sure of my age really... im probably in the 15-17 range. I'm also probably out the 2nd most often. I must say, it's very strange being in a girl's body.
I'm not really sure what this post's about... just saying I'm here. Well that's all. Bye.
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2 Responses Feb 2, 2013

Hello, it's nice to meet you :) My name is Jenffa Ambergon and I am part of a multiple system. It's kind of like MPD/DID with the fact we all share a body, but different that we aren't created and are individual people, not 'altars' or 'personalities'.

Hi, pleased to meet you and glad you could write on this site and explain a bit about your life. It's not easy being part of an inside family but each of you do your part and it helps alot.