I've always wanted to know this about other people... How quickly can another persona come into being? Do they suddenly appear, or do they gradually "slide in"?
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For Me Its Both... Sometimes They/We Appear suddenly other been here for awhile an we dont know there here intill they show themself...


Both, some need time and some pops out like this...

Ok, thanks

In my case, I created mine in a night.

For me, sometimes they show up out of nowhere and sometimes they are always there we just don't know their names until they say it.

I mean the appearance of a new alter

Both for me. I know Tate had been here for three days before I knew he was there. Others like bonnie and Charles have always seemed to be here but I only just realized they were here (about 2 months ago that is)

Do you mean switching? Or the appearance of a new alter?