i was always very interested in this. to whoever has this disorder is very brave because i know it must be frustrating basically sharing your body with different people
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its not a thing of bravery, it's a thing of adaptability. in addition, after having the disorder for a while, you kinda get used to it and are usually able to communicate with the other "personalities"/alters pretty well.

personally i was diagnosed a little over a year ago and that might not sound like a long time but its long enough for me to be able to understand and communicate with most of my alters.

Well sharing your body wasn't necessarily the for me, my ordeal was practically a fight to dominate the body.

Meh I'm practically used to it, but it still can be a bit annoying sometimes.

It is extremely annoying

Mainly medications but I find very loud music and t.v. helps. I have headphone on 90% of my day

More of a distraction. The different personalities are their own people thwy come and go as they please. I think I am the main one but am not sure, I am unaware of the others the only reason I know of them is from videos feom the mental hospital and the psychologist