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That was pretty good, once I finally decide to make my DID known I'm going to do something similar

That is very brave! I hope you are well prepared during that time. On the other hand, I'm thirst to know more :3

Are you DID? Or just curious about it?

At some point, at my greener age, I thought I was. Then I keep track of my self, do lot of searching, and having countless discussion on/with my self, refining my memory n my processing thought, talk to various people from different background and age, accepting hard memory/condition and being totally honest with my self.. Then I knew I am a person, eventhou I dnt know if I can call my self normal, heh ^o^ .. But I still curious, there is no end for learning

Well, on this site I have nothing to hide, so anything you want to know, feel free to ask.

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