Time to share my story of Multiple Personality Disorder(MPD).

I know, in my case, this is more commonly known as a Teenage Identity Crisis, but I'd like to refer it as MPD.

So lets start in the beginning, I was in my early 15 as a rising freshmen in high school and of course that is where most teenagers start their identity crisis and this is where I developed a system "find" out who I really am.

Keep in mind the "I" at age 15 and "I" now are totally different people.

As months passed, I created personas to find my own identity, first came Syn who was pretty much the insane and cynical persona to keep it short and then came Mavis who was more caring and held onto memories. Then there was this third persona who was a male in sense and who's name I forgot time ago. Of course these personas had their own branches of personalities and morals they developed themselves from "my" personal experiences. Think of them as ambassadors or spokesman for other personas.

During the years to now, I allowed them to take over and slowly integrate themselves into my mind in which they, metaphorically, killed the third person. This was a pretty intense internal war, both Syn and Mavis struggling to take over and during this time, I've distanced myself from my previous friends and family, warfare had visible effects on the outside too and in the end, I decided to end this conflict with indifferenceness.

Even now. the choices of my previous self has had life lasting effects on my world now. My morals and ethics now are pretty fairly based on the personas of Syn and Mavis.

Lasting effects of this conflicts.
-Inability to recall memories
-Inability to record memories well

For those who thinks this may be to dramatic or far fetched, believe what you want, but this is my personal story who I've never told anybody. Prior to my indifference behavior(Half a year ago), I was very depressed in who I was and what has happened but now, I just don't really care anymore, not to say that I don't care at all but I am who I've become and I'm happy about it.

For those few who might find comfort in my story, you're weird for finding comfort in me, but if you're also struggling, don't be afraid to ask but be warned, I'll give blunt, straightforward answers that will fix your problem if you don't deny my advice.

TL;DR - Created personalities to resolve my identity crisis and this event changed my life.
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I've been seeing this a lot, especially among kids between 13-18.
It's a tough time in life and a very creative mind can do what you did.
The benefit of doing it intentionally is that you also have the power to undo it. Unlike those of us who have been split since we were very young.

Very well put :)