So my alters and I came up with this idea, which is when an alter appears during school hours they have to right down their marking on my left arm (why my left arm? I don't know). And by their marking I mean: Σ Δ Θ Κ Ζ Ε Ω Γ Η Ι

So far today, I switch to Sigma, Epsilon, Delta, and Kappa.
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I'm still wondering why use your left arm but it's you guys idea so I won't oppose. Just curious, you know.

I actually don't know myself. I guess it's more noticeable, and it's ok I understand.

This is a very good idea

So apparently EP can't handle the markings. The markings are the Greek alphabet letters to those wondering. They are: Sigma, Delta, Epsilon, Gamma, iota, Eta, Theta, Kappa, Zeta, and Omega. Search google if you don't know what they are.