I have three other personalities.
First up is Paul. Paul like to hurt people. He likes to fight, move around, and is thrill seeking. Paul had his moment once. Once. Since then, I have been doing my best to keep him down.
Then there is Steven. He is perverted and lustful. When I am around my girlfriend, I will have to do my best to keep him quiet so he doesn't screw it up.
And lastly, there is Alina. Alina is antisocial. She focuses on work only, and likes to control others. Every now and again, she tries to speak during class. I'm luck enough to shut her up early.
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1 Response Aug 31, 2014

You kinda have chance having Alina, it can help you in some situations haha.
My alters never hurted or touched anyone, how does it feels? How do they take all the control?