Is it possible for an alter to have experience memories, of something that they can't have possibly experienced?

for example; a 57 year old male alter, having war memories. And because of these memories they feel random fear, and panic attacks and the occasional shell shock..,

however this 57 year old is only in,the body of a 15 year old. Is it possible for aforementioned alter to have war memories?

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I do, she is a red cat called wound and appears here and there

I believe so, all five of my alters are like this, it really makes it hard for me to focus because I get events of my own life mixed with one of theirs, your entire personality is dependent on your past so when this happens I as myself can act completely different without switching

It is! One of my alters is a Vietnam vet, and I do have memories and nightmares about it.

Yes, it is.
My alter, Jesse is 42 and has a whole lifetime of memories. Painful memories that have caused him severe depression, anxiety, and panic attacks.
If he is anything like Jesse, your alter is most likely remembering trauma in a way that is easiest for him to process. His memories are the only way he can connect to the emotions you feel from trauma you experienced.
In box me if you want to talk about it.

Fair enough

I think this whole category was disproven