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Is anyone watching this show? What the heck do you think of it. It has triggered the heck out of me. I couldnt watch it without splitting or freaking at first.

  Maybe MPD/DID is becoming mainstream? :)

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3 Responses Mar 23, 2009

My husband watches it to try and get a better idea of what I'm going through. I tried to watch it, but anytime I do it causes trouble inside. When I watched the first episode I fell into a trance, I decided from then on I would only watch it with my husband, if I ever did again.<br />
I don't think the alters in the show have a whole lot of depth either, but us alters have so much depth in reality it would be impossible to duplicate it for a tv show...even a movie would take a hundred sequels to just scratch the surface of what goes on in the heads of those of us with DID/MPD.<br />
I have heard that there are some of the emo kids faking DID...I have a feeling its just to get attention or meds.

OH MY GOD! I thought I was the only one! It is a good show, well from the few bits i have seen and i have a couple of alts that do not like the show and have even thrown temper tantrums when someone won't change the channel.

what is it about this show that triggers you to split?<br />
i've heard from another person...or should i say their alter say that this show is somewhat offensive because the alters on the show have no depth.