Me and My Body

hi everyone well i am proud to say i have 2 piercings and 4 tattoos i love the art on my legs and back i want more but not to sure on where i am going to put them and what they will be my brother-in-law done 3 of mine and my husband did my cherries on my back i think tattoos help people understand the type of person you are mine are symbols of my loved ones really i have one on my right leg that is the symbol of love i have for my little girl and one of the ones on my left leg is to remind me of my husband and the love i have for him and i have a huge coyfish on one side of my left leg the one on my right leg is a heart with wings and a halo and a banner that says mommy's angel and my daughter's name is in the heart i have a butterfly that is red white and blue and it says glory because my husband's wrestling name is Tony Glory the percings are my ears twice and my tongue well that is about all for now hope to hear from you all soon let me know your input and my tattoos are in my pics check them out.

crushersowner crushersowner
31-35, F
Jul 30, 2008