Ms Person Wanting Info On Post Radiation, Chemo And Removal Of Cancer Tumor

I am writing this for my sweetheart. She had very low energy after experiencing 5 weeks of chemo and radiation and then removal of the tumor. They gave her an illeostomy bag the small intestine flows into. For about a month she could barely drag herself out of bed. They think they got the cancer. yea. She is starting to gain a little weight after losing almost 40 lbs. We have been giving her about twice the amount of protein (for healing tissue) and calories (for gaining weight) recommended for an average person. She seems to be gaining a little energy.
We are interested if anyone has found themselves in this situation and has had success in healing the body. We are in the midwest working with doctors who have not experienced the benefit of wholistic supplements and we have to be careful we don't throw the chemo off by doing something too radical to that regimen.
I am finding that Bach's flower essence, Rescue Remedy might be helpful because it is very subtle and a higher frequency then say zeolite to remove toxins at this stage.
We are starting to do Yogananda's energization exercises which are like isometrics, I believe. She can do them lying in bed.
Anyone have more information?
Sincerly, Mike Brockman for my sweety, Lisa Waddell
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Jul 11, 2010