I Hate Ms!!!

Hi everyone or anyone.
My name is Karyn . My husband was diagnosed in 1991 with MS. Finally had to put him in a nursing home
2 years ago. Broke my heart, but as you all well know..YOU CAN NOT DO IT ALL!! 
I won't go into details, except he cannot walk anymore and he has forgotten how to swallow, so he has a feeding tube.
Right now I am asking: Does anyone know of any kinds of hand stuff ...creative ideas he could
do with his hands?  
Toys probably isn't the correct term, but it will do for now.
He watches TV, but that gets boring day after day. 
Can anyone give me any ideas?

wittlemagge wittlemagge
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2 Responses Jul 12, 2010

He didn't "forget" how to swallow. MS affects the nerves causing muscle weakness. This means he doesn't have the ability to swallow. Not doesn't remember how to. Get him a Nintendo DS. There are all kinds of games for it. Or an iPad or somethig of that nature.

You post asolutely scares me to death. My husband was diagnosed this year with ms. and i cant imagine him in a wheelchair or nursing home, is his ms very progressive? This is all new and awfully scary. Just curious and ms right now.