Many Doctors--no Answers!!

Since the birth of my now one year old son, I have been experiencing many strange symptoms that I had never had before. I have occasional dizziness--not vertigo just feeling a little "woozy"; constant pain in my left foot (arch and ankle) as well as stiff/ sore feet and legs when I get up in the morning and/ or sit too long; tingling occasionally in my face, legs, feet, wrists and hands; RINGING IN MY EARS THAT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!; pressure in my face/ sinus area; constant slight headaches--nothing unbearable just always present; heart palpations on occasion; SOB when laying flat and w/ exertion; extreme fatigue most days and I think this is it :)

I have seen two ENT on several occasions, my family doctor numerous times, and a cardiologist 3xs. I have had Chest CT, Stress Echo, Brain CT, and several other minor tests done in various drs offices. None have found anything wrong w/ me. I'm starting to think these doctors (especially my primary, who is an excellent, compasionate doctor) think I'm a hypochondriac and that I WANT something to be wrong w/ me. I would give anything to just feel healthy and normal again!

I am so afraid that I have MS. A lot of my symptoms correlate w/ that dx but they correlate w/ a lot of dx! The fact that noone can find anything wrong w/ me is what makes me afraid that I have MS. I am wondering if my weight could have anything to do w/ this? I am at the highest I have ever been--I gained about 65 while/since being pregnant (I was already about 20 lbs overweight) and have not lost any.

Please Help!!
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I'm having the exact same range of symptoms, they are running tons of labs and tests right now. :/ ive lost 85 lbs since I had my baby 7 months ago---and I haven't done anything to lose it. (I gained 100lbs with the pregnancy). But I had lost about 30lbs prior to getting pregnant.... So whatever is wrong, being pregnant made it better. :)

I understand what you are experiencing..I have had multiple symptoms of MS for awhile now with no confirmation but I feel that I do have MS..I have learned you have to take on your own healthcare and be persistent about getting answers. I have seen two neurologists, one diagnosed me with sleep apnea and the other with arthritis in my neck. I know there is more wrong with me and I have prayed for God to send me somewhere where I will be taken serious and where someone will believe in me. I have experienced tingling in both arms, hands, feet, legs and face, along with excruciating pain in both feet (mainly my toes and the sole of the feet), dizziness with a feeling of uphoria, ringing in my ears, blurred/double vision and pain mainly in my right eye with pain behind the eye and above my ear, pain in my head--sometimes separate areas of my head and then sometimes a full-blown headache, trouble speaking what I am thinking at times, unsteadiness, muscle stiffness and pain while walking, shakiness/weakness with extreme fatigue. itching and I can even remember all the symptoms..I have had two MRI, one negative and the last one with two tiny foci in the white matter of my brain on the left frontal side but the dr thinks that is not significant, well needless to say, it is significant to me..I just want a diagnosis..I have been offered several different medications to treat the symptoms and this makes me so angry as I want a diagnosis not a med that will cover up the symptoms..So, I have taken on my own future, I have finally an appointment, even though it is not until Jan. 2011, and pray I am on the right track this time..Don't give up, all the research I have done tells me early detection and treatment is very important..Good luck to you and me..

It sounds to me like you have mercury poisoning. I had chronic mercury poisoning from my dental amalgams and your symptoms sound exactly the same. Did you recently have dental work or have a vaccination? <br />
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