My Life With Ms

I was diagnosed with MS in April 09.  This month changed my life forever.  MS just showed up one day.  It's still hanging around.  MS showed up one day introducing itself to me through fatigue, slow walking and seizures.  The seizures seemed to have the most aggressive personality when MS first showed up.   As time went along heavy legs and not being able to walk decided it needed my attention everyday.   It demanded that I get it things that lets everybody know that its not walking is here.  It demanded canes first.  Not walking got greedy and decided I want a rolling walker.  Not walking became viscious and demanded a wheel chair.   Fatigue loves to pop up with unannounced visits.  I can be laughing and having a good day and then here comes fatigue with its loud mouth!   Well I've gotten use to my new companions.  I know it sounds strange.  But ignoring them didn't help.  I decided whatever I have to deal with for the day I'll make the best of it!  So if seizure shows up.  I still  make the best of it.  Since not walking is here everyday I accessorize well!  I have the prettiest canes.  I have a rhinestone decorated rolling walker.  I call it my Hot Wheels!   I have a hot pink wheelchair!  I always turn heads!  I'm still a diva!  When fatigue shows up I call it my pajama party!   I didn't choose to have MS.  However I'm living the best life I can with it.

Still loving life,

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4 Responses Aug 2, 2010

Good for you! A Diva for sure. I've learned to lower expectations of the day and just go with it. What do they say? "I have MS it doesn't have me"

I was just diagnosed with MS also.I woke up 1 day out of the blue with numb legs and weakness.I still have trouble accepting it..I am not treating it due to still breastfeeding my daughter and trouble weaning.I think i'm still in the stage of if i ignore it it will go away..I pray for all of us and love your attitude Butterfly Diva :)The fatigue is overwhelming and i find it hard to care for myself and kids but i am trying by the grace of god.Wishing you all the best.

My wheelchair is green, so i call her my green goddess. It does help to have a sense of humour, if we did not, we would go crazy.

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