Endometriosis And Ms

In 2003 I had ear surgery for a cyst. Around then I started having bowel problems and abdominal pain - found out I had endometriosis. I had two surgeries for it and a surgery for CIN3 (pre-cervical cancer). Then I felt healthy for about a year except monthly pain. My mom took her life after she was told she probably had MS (she had depression issues as well) nobody but me believed her about the MS, she had an MRI and was scheduled to see a neurologist but never made that appointment.
I took a lot of clonazepam for a couple of years but most of my symptoms were gone. I used to get very dizzy - things would turn black and I'd almost fall. I had 0 b12 which I treated - but no one told me why it was low (gone) Then the endometriosis started getting more painful again but I don't remember the other symptoms at the time besides recurring bronchitis and I've ALWAYS had fatigue.
Then I miraculously got pregnant. I felt the best I'd ever felt pregnant, I went on bed rest at 34 weeks and delivered a healthy boy at 39 weeks. He is now 9 1/2 months old. When he was 3 months old I quit breastfeeding and started to feel absolutely horrible and have gotten progressively worse every single day. The endo came back roaring, then it turned into lower back pain, which turned into side/hip, thigh pain, arm weakness, shakiness, lightheadedness, urinary retention and frequency, severe morning stiffness and pain, night sweats, feeling of bruises along spine, no short term memory, being told I'm speaking backwards, bruising horribly all over, really bad skin keratosis and body jerks when trying to fall asleep or resting. I'm now seeing a pain clinic and using morphine extended release for the pain, I've already tried tramadol and vicodin. I can still feel the pain through the morphine. I had an MRI of my lower back last week and a nerve conduction test but I have not heard from the doctors yet. I have felt like crap for 10 years, I am so sick of everyone just thinking "everyone has that problem sometimes" or "oh that's nothing" and that I'm lying about the pain. I just want an accurate diagnosis. Oh, and in about 2005 I started acutely not being able to drive at night because all the lights are too bright and I see like 10 headlights instead of 1. Thanks for reading
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I was dx with MS at 16. Now 29 I have experienced all the problems and others you described. I also have endo and began having pain that lead me to the ER monthly by age 12. I would suggest since you have a connection to MS that you seek out a neurologist who will hear you and NEVER STOP FIGHTING! Dont ever let anyone tell you what you feel is wrong, or that its not that bad. I know the pain of being unheard - even to this day - if they dont listen yell! If they still dont hear you find someone who does. Fight for yourself. I hope you find answers and relief.

I just stumbled upon this after entering my symptoms. I have Ms but also have epilepsy and endomitriosis. I've had two surgeries to remove. The last one they took out all my organs involved to ensure it wouldn't return. I was feeling the best after this surgery, so good that I started to go out socially w old friends. One night I attend a friends bday party and had about. 4-5 alcoholic beverages. The very next day I started experiencing symptoms again! Long story short, alcohol has estrogen, which caused inflammation to the endorsement and made it grow again. I'm very sick now, seeing an endo specialist at 3:30 today.

I hate that people are constantly saying it's a pinched nerve or it's the diet pills I was on. I started the diet pills AFTER the symptoms started. I think they are just comforting themselves.

I understand exactly how you feel, and am comforted that Im not alone. Everyone thinks I'm just lazy when I complain of fatigue and not having the energy to do simple tasks. I also have Endometriosis and severe hurting each month. I am always told that I look too well to have anything wrong with my health. I wish you the best, stay strong.