Year 8

And I'm still not used to it. Every year comes with a new frustrating symptom that I must adapt to and figure out how to live a normal life with it and make it as unnoticable as possible.

 From the spasms and tremors to the loss of strenght and control, I have to hold myself together as best as I can in mind, body and spirit...  Ofcourse a good sense of humor works, but it cant always keep my worries away. Especially at night, when I am at my weakest and alone with my own thoughts.

I'm slowly slipping away and there isnt anything anyone can do about it. Somehow that tought comforts me

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*spanks jin's **** sshhhhh<br />
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Thanks I've worked on and off for years with a lot of kids with varying abilities and it just makes me curious

lmao Jin has a point, but if you really want to know its relapsing- remitting.

What type of MS do you have?

Yes I'm on treatment and we dont know how it progressed so fast. You're only in a downhill spiral if you want to be. Dont forget to lighten up.

My husband was just diagnosed with ms. I am curious are you on treatments? How did it progress so fast? I am so terrified of this thing i cant begin to tell you. Am I just in for a downhill spiral?

Oooo! A glow stick!<br />
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:gets a huggle in before she runs out thinking the toothpaste is going to ruin his black shirt.: =/

*runs in tackles Nunya to the ground gives him a big hug and a glo stick .. runs out* .. no tears for you darling . you are strong and I am proud to be your friend truly .. dammit another *runs back in hugs the toothpaste out of Nunya runs out *=/

Thanks, Aly. I appreciate it.<br />
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:huggles SR: Whatever you say :hands her some tissue:

lmao Thanks, De.<br />
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Thanks, LK. I have no other choice but to face it this also helps that I'm a stubborn mofo.

I'm not crying *sniffles* that's just water leaking out of my head, I swear!<br />
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*hugs again*

You are really strong man, I admire you for being able to handle a situation like that with a positive attitiude. I am a very weak person!

Bro, not you too. =/<br />
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:group hug:

SR!! :wipes her tear away:<br />
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No crying! But thank you.

*hugs* <br />
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*more hugs*<br />
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lol thanks, guys. But I never been into the support group thing.

I didn't know this about you, Nunya. I have no idea how hard this must be - I think you're really brave. I hope you find strength and understanding people around you who can support you.<br />

You have far more strength right now within, than others will amount in a lifetime.