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I am 42-I was dx 5/07 and had 1st major flare 9/10 which put me in the hospital for 5 days of IV steroids.  I was out on FMLA and unable to return to work so my company terminated me.  I had already applied for LTD which was approved last week.  Since the flare in Sept. things have only gotten worse, esp. the past 3 weeks.  My legs now are extremely weak and after about 10 minutes of standing my legs get shaky and my back starts to really hurt.  I am currently trying to COBRA my benefits so I can contact the doc.  I am scared and majorally depressed by my condition.  Would love to hear other people's stories with this horrible disease.
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I would love to talk to you about my experiences-from your post I would say you are newly dx-I take betaseron and like it-had some flu like sx when I first started it but only for a few weeks-I do seem to have side effects of drugs like alot of people. This disease is scary and unpredictable. My older brother(died 2005 at 52) and PPMS-he end up in a nursing home and a wheelchair so I am pretty scared.

I've only recently completed my 5 days of hospital steroids and, while this temporarily allowed my legs to last for a longer period of time, I still experience days when walking seems quite difficult after only a short while folloed by the back pain. I'm in the closing phase of my application for disability by doctors instruction and currently faced with deciding between Rebif and Copaxone. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to talk to anyone else confronted with these issues and this terrible affliction.