Downtown 2003

Got the "if you were my brother" speech from ER teaching hospital doctor..."I'd tell you to start theses steroids now" Whaaa. Its just my eye and btw it kinda feels like someone put a ruler down the middle of me and everything on the right side is cold and numb and tight. Almost stuttering.,deffinitley slurring. Found ways to hide and cope but ms is catcing up with me.

Theres worse things life, lots worse but if i didt get ms how much better would i be? Would bipolar (low end of spectrum) deppression still be such a ball and chain? Would i be a nicer person? Would i have more money...who knows. As long as i dont lose my grip on reality again ill be alright.i lost it was hell on earth.
mr246 mr246
41-45, M
Jan 7, 2012