I found out shortly after I had turned 21 that I had Multiple Sclerosis. I was forced to quit my job and quit school. I pretty much had to re arrange my life.  The doctors told me that I had had it before the age of 19 but this was the first time that it had shown itself. I have also had Diabetes since I was 17 months old. I am trying very hard to get my life back on track, but it is so hard.
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Hi.:) ur not crying alone, no1 does! Make up your mind RIGHT NOW that u'll use all ur strength 2 beleive u can b weller everyday, that is the only way 2 b happy & @ peace living with this disease. There's way 2 much about it that can make us miserable, create a new paradigm. & BELEIVE it n2 being, regardless of looks & feelings, tbe longer we hold 2 the negative thoughts & feelings, they'll never go away, cry them out of u then let them go ! really what's it worth KNOWING FOR A FACT that u don't feel good, NOTHING!! It's 2 draining, u ever noticr like 1 day can feel like a week? We r not alive 2 linger n misery, it's the worse sin 2 God, we owe the spirit nside us better. Let it kill u trying 2 reprogram ur mind & heart 2 b happy nstead of killing urself with. DETRIMENTAL PARADIGM! LOVE U MORE & BELEIVE THAT WELLBEING IS OUR NATURAL & TRUE STATE OF BEING. I LOVE U B WELL. LISTEN 2 Abraham Hicks, her teachings changed my life DRAMATICALLY. GET HAPPY

Motrin and yoga

What do you use for pain ?

I started with shots 4 a year (copaxone, avonex) didn\'t help. i had a limp which only hurt mentally cuz looks r important & I\'m a beautiful looking girl so 2 wake up & have 2 deal with physical change was torment. I decided I have 2 accept & it & only look 4ward 2 walking normally again. Prayer, meditation, brainwashing myself listening 2 Abraham Hicks & focusing on walking normally, i said 2 hell with shots,2 years now i\'m once a month having Chemo ( cytoxan ) 3-400 mg with 1,000 styeroids

Don't try to put your life back on track, build a new one with two tracks even three or four. I have been ill on and off for years, this year I got my label along with a wheelchair, I keep looking at it and thinking "wow this is my life now"........but you know what, "it is what it is" so 5 minutes at a time is all we can manage sometimes.

Have you gone to a MS specialist? Do you loose your balance when you walk like you are drunk? If your Doc isn't telling you anything, start doing some investigating on your own and set up an appt. with a neurologist or specialist. That's what I did. I couldn't get a straight answer from the first doc I went to, so I went to a place where they specialized in diagnosing and treating MS. I had to wait a month and travel 75 miles, but it was worth it when I finally got a straight answer from someone.

can someone please help me, i think i have ms doctors dosnt know yet or least dosnt want to tell me wrong, this started 2 weeks ago woke up sunday morning feeling like a hangover thought something was funny cause i dont drink, started noticing my vision going double freaked out went to walmart eye doctor just to check my eyes, no help so saw doctor at hospital right away knew not eye problem brain problem, got mri,blood taken, came back week and half with double vision started getting better on and off now but head aches 24/7 . doc said brain abnormal and just got lumbar done 2 days ago fine now just constant headache, doc got me setup on steroids yesterday i thought kinda too soon? lady came by last night and administered through Iv.. just scared to loose my job taking all these days off all the sudden, constantly moving and lifting heavy trash cans full of paper for shred documents, .... any feed back would be helpful

I don't know why you'd have to quit so much of your life. But I can't imagine how unsettling that must be. I was twelve when I was diagnosed and maybe I was lucky... But I didn't have to "quit" anything.

Well, I can't imagine at twelve that you'd have much or any stress in your life. I had tons which probably brought about the awareness of MS. Plus the diabetes adds about 10x more stress, I was working 3 jobs and going to school full time. It was very unsettling but I think that was the right decision by my doctor. She told me what she thought was best for me. Everyone is different.

I didn't mean for that to sound rude, as though I was belittling what you've been through. Personally, I just despise the stigma of MS that a person diagnosed will have to forfeit the things that make them happy. Unfortunately I do have much stress - but I have stress management skills and I hope you'll look into gaining some. However, my point that I didn't convey very effectively is that giving up parts of your life that cause happiness because of a new disease is like bowing down to MS, also it could lead to depression. I sincerely hope you find a way to manage doing things that make you happy and maybe do add stress while maintaining your health. Best wishes. :)

You will get threw it. I know it's hard. My dr told me that they can't say how long i've had it but i had my first attack when i was 21. Hard for me to accept. But please just take it day by day.

Spinal Taps are fine if you get a good doctor and good people holding your hand through the whole thing.

Had the LP yesterday and as you said, it was fine!! Didn't hurt!! Don't know what I was so Worried about, and it was a student who perfumed the procedure with a doctors guidance

Hi how are you finding living with MS now? I'm 23 and waiting to see if I have MS or not. Did you have to have a spinal tap?

My doctor didn't think one was necessary because I didn't present symptoms that she thought required a spinal tap. I've just had a dozen MRIs! :) I hope everything turns out for the best for you. Good luck.

That's good you didn't have to have one. I hope I don't! Thank you :) x

Yeah, because specialists are not trained to look for mercury poisoning, which often causes these lesions. If you seek them out, you will find testimonial after testimonial of people who cured their MS by ridding their bodies of industrial toxins (of which, a new study on NPR reported) there are 257 in newborn babies' umbilical cords alone! I'm in a forum called MSCured and Adult Metal Chelation, where you can read about the disappearance of brain lesions following an organic diet and the removal of heavy metals from the body. Also, our healtcare industry is set up in a way not to cure disease but to treat the symptoms. If it were made to cure disease, they would tell us to eat only organic food and address the malnutrition that is rife in this culture. Instead, when we get cancer they cut us open and pump us full of radiation. C'mon people!

No. I don't have fillings and my MRIs show lesions, which I don't think can be caused by mercury poisoning. I went to a specialist for MS and they told me I had MS. I've had several MRIs and almost two years ago, I had growing lesions on my brain. Thanks for the input, but I'm positive it's not mercury poisoning.

Hey, do you have silver fillings? Mine caused 70 symptoms of MS: from ataxia, numbness of my toes and fingertip, "a burning brain," loss of peripheral vision, hypoglycemia, depression/anxiety/mania, memory loss, chronic fatigue, chronic sinusitis, vertigo, bladder infections, and a host of other symptoms.<br />
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This is because silver fillings are 50-70% mercury, which is released into the body as ethylmercury vapor. Anywhere from 3-29 micrograms of mercury are released by these fillings every day. The symptoms of MS and mercury poisoning are effectively the same. I got them removed and most of my symptoms are gone, I just have to spend a few years getting rid of the residual mercury from my tissues. Believe me or not, I honestly don't care. It's not going to be the case for everyone. I just know it worked for me.<br />
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Also if you've been exposed to a lot of thimerosal from vaccines, this could have triggered it. Also the government is now admitting that Hepatitis B vaccines can trigger demyelinating diseases. Check out the FDA's website if you want to confirm there is mercury in vaccines. No level is safe, considering it's more toxic than lead and arsenic. It is the most toxic non-radioactive substance known to man. I have nothing to gain telling people this, only the hope that someone can recover the way I did. It's my hope.

read my story if you want-I have "MS" from the flu shot. It messed up my immune system-Hep B will as well-it's medical fact. But I have it from the shots in the ARMY-flu and HepB! LOL!!!! But my first ever Flu shot was in he Army and like the very next day I had a terrible reaction that lasted for monthes-like a long slow MS hit of sorts. They'll never admit to this-the $$$$$ is too big and the civilian world would go sue happy against the vaccine companies. But I was put out medically from the Army-"SERVICE CONNECTED" so the Army will at least take care of those who have been done dirty by the flu shot! I feel for the civilians that are having this happen to them with no help at all-I mean Bta Seron was like $2900 a month and the Army paid for it all till I just stopped it on my own-was doing more emotional harm than good. be good-S

You sound like a very strong person and I know you will find your way. Remember: What seems right for one person is not right for another. Live how you feel is right. Bless.