I'm off to battle what MS took

MS sometimes it's hard because often no one can see you there , Do you see that this is changing me ? are you even aware ?  MS has gotten a hold of me sad to say 
 tomorrow maybe worse than today as I feel my legs give away
I'm sorry if I am not the ray of sunshine, but I guess I'm  mourning of my used to be life . 
I'm still trying to be the best mother , sister, aunt and friend and wife . 
I'm just a bit frustrated that my days are now filled with fatigue , tremors , shots , falls , pain , knowing I'm losing bits of myself and mind daily it stings !!!
I'm trying to put my brave face on to have  strength to fight what tomorrow may bring ,
  I have learned who is there for me , my friends and family ,some good, some the hard way. 
 I don't need anyone to fix me, correct me , but definitely not second guess me , 
 If you aren't up for the challenge I can already see, because your no place to be found, that is easy and hurtful to see. 
 My ears are still open , as well as my door  I am just someone that has MS that may have to lean on and need you more.
I don't need ,impatience or lack of knowledgeable advice , 
I just need your prayers that will suffice !
 God has never left me and he is begging me to trust
I'm digging in and fighting, its keep going or bust ! 
For those of you that love me no matter what, your light is Shining so very bright!
I know your with me on this MS fight . 
The rest, well see you enough time spent ! Sorry if you don't like me now and your off the hook . 
 I'm off to battle what MS took .. 
                                                                     I was diagnosed with MS in 2009 , and I'm Currently on Copaxane . Thamks for listening !
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Thanks !!!