Years And Years To Get A Diagnosis!

I got sick 16 years ago and not one doctor could figure out what was wrong. My first Neurologist suspected MS, but tests could not find it. I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Myofascial Pain Syndrome, #@#$$ etcetera!! 5 years ago, I started getting horrible digestive problems and lost so much weight that I looked like a walking famine victim. I suffered with this for 4 years and not one doctor or specialist could find what was wrong. At that point I decided F THIS! I am going to live my life!! I took everything I owned and put it in storage. I went to Asia (mostly India and Nepal) for a year. I brought what meds and vitamins I needed with me, but I knew the medical treatment there would be fine. I was right and found smart and compassionate doctors. After about 6 months I ended up in the hospital in India (nice one and so cheap!). After 3 days in the hospital, the doctor came in and said---'You have an Auto-Immune disease, correct?'. Well, yes. He told me the problem was the signal from my brain to the stomach muscles for normal digestion. And there is a medication for that!! Holy crap!! After years of suffering, I could eat!! When I was able to get proper nutrition, I did start doing better. Some other symptoms began to progress over the next few years (more muscle and nerve problems), but have had physical therapy to help with balance and weakness. I have the odd kind of MS and the hardest one to diagnose---Relapsing/Remitting and slowly progressive MS. I finally found a decent neurologist who listened and respected my wish of NOT bombarding my body with interferon/betaferon meds. I'm just not ready for those side effects yet.
Like anyone with this disease I am sad for what I have lost, but staying positive and looking forward to my best life. And! I met my husband in Nepal while travelling. He understands what I have and what challenges we will face in the future, but he said he will stand by me whatever happens. I wish everyone strength for this grand struggle and keep your head up!
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