Not Sure....some Advice.... :)

I know MS is different for everyone. I have been to the docs she's not sure, she's sending me for an MRI and to see the nuro. For Almost a month now I have been feeling very weak my muscles feel weak sometimes numb. I was going to the gym often now can't get myself there. Sometimes I have foggy vision. My left leg went numb for 4 days, pins and needles. At night it's worse. I was in class writing when my hand became weak and I could hardly hold the pen. I am frightened. I know it's not proven Ms is genetic but my moms mom does have it. I am 27 years old. I know I just have to wait for the MRI and nuro but just scary waiting. Sometimes I feel off balance Last year was at its worst. It comes and goes now. I've been reading stories and you all have wonderful spirits, I wish everyone luck.
Courtney2728 Courtney2728
2 Responses May 8, 2012

Hi Courtney, have you had any luck? I've had symptoms for two months. I'm starting to feel better but I don't know what it is. all my tests have come back negative. I did take antibiotics and I'm not sure if that's the reason I feel better or if this would've happened anyway. That was because I suspected it could be Lyme bhad no real evidence no radh no bite that im aware of and test were negatie my doctor was able to give me some antibiotics because I had some other head cold going on and then she allowed me to continue them because I said I was starting to feel better. Anyways I'm supposed to wait another month and then if I'm having symptoms still have an MRI in the meantime im wondering if I have MS or something else or what this is all about it all seems to stem from getting a hep b vaccine on May 7.

Also had blood tests done and everything is fine, I'm also exhausted most of the time, even doing little tasks.