Life's Trials

Well I was in the Army in 1991. Went in and got my first flu shot EVER. I was immediately sick for like 2 monthes, ER visits and all. Well for the next 9 years this would happen to me and not one Army doc would take me off the manditory flu shot program. IN 1998 I was diagnosed with MS at West Point, I had it all-a great career, a wonderful, (then) wife and my son who is 24 now and severely Bi-Polar. Thru all the hardships and craziness-homeless, I have ended up on my own, happy yet a bit dazed and in GREAT shape but for the MS hits I get everyonce in a while. I'm 100% unemployable due to digestive isues and so I live in the SC countryside and rescue Rottweilers. I love my life and yet have lost the love of my life and to find a Female my age that wants me and my condition is just very emotionally trying. Those that knew me in the Army ask "What happenned to you" and those that meet me now for the first time say "WOW you look great-you have MS!?" I have to say that you'd never know that I was sick unless you knew me 48 pounds of muscle earlier! HOOOT! But I know that it was the Flu shot that messed my immune system up-and so do a lot of other Male soldiers I have met with this same thing.

So now I take my time, work with abused dogs and have a quiet, happy, yet longing for a companion lifestyle. The one thing I am very gratefull for is that I live Naked. If you have not tried it-you might want o. It's HOT in SC in the Summer and yet i have no attacks since I stay cool naked. And if I do get a hit-like that tingling hot painful skin thing-well clothing absolutely makes that even worse for me. I turn off the heater in the Hot tub and keep the tub cool in the Summers. It's pretty cool. I take no meds for it-was taking Beta Seron from 1998 to2010 and it made me depressed and suicidal. I am actually doing better without it all actually. Got the idea to not take them all when I almost fell prey to the drug at 80mph. I have in my own mind linked this all to MAle testosterone-it's why I think it's harder on Males longterm than females so I take suppliments that raise my testosterone and keep my strong. I lift wieghts to keep my muscle mass hard and have been lucky so far to stay healthier than most. As I put it when asked, I don't have "real" MS, I have induced auto immune disease. I have a healthy body helping me fight something that was given to me. So I have an edge over a person that would have gotten naturally. I was 42, not 20 or 25 when I came down with it. So I have a feeling that I'll not really be too beat-up all at once. And I have met a number of Male Soldiers that have come to the same conclussions after having done research on the web and medical libraries after they too saw the symptoms in their lived after taking the flirst few Flu shots in he Army.
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Female, post mmr-pertusis vaccine came down with a sever ms exacerbation. 45 yo. Falling down, diplopia, uncoordinated hand movements ataxic. I think the government and pharmaceutical companies are doing someone to us. Years ago no one had peanut allergies now, almost half the kids have it. Auto immune disease on the rise, something is causing it. I too am suicidal sometimes although I don't have a "plan" but it is always after the medication.

yes "they" are. And now parents send their kids off, no-drag them to get 3 shots at a time. In time we in the States will have no defenses against the diseases we use to. It's a sad example but before the polio epidemic in the early 1900's, the Human animal actually had immunity to polio. It's when it hit the young and not those older and still immune! But with the CLEAN FREAKS of the time, the Human environment was SO CLEAN to what it was-we lost it. So will and is happening to the Human animal in the USA now. Antibiotics loosing their affects, immunizations weakening our immune responses, PARKINSONS now can be induced with certain chemical exposure, my best Male friend just came down with it after 34 years of working at a plutonium plant in SC. We are in no way smart enough for our technologies and forget we are animals not Gods. We will be our own destroyers sadly to think.

You too. I think a lot of the MS that hits Males at least in their 40's is nothing short of "INDUCED". The flu shot, Hep B, Anthrax, all are KNOWN to cause auto immune responses, like all the way back to 1978! The MS society mentioned a 1978 study in their magazine a few years back where they were inducing auto-immune diseases in rats,..., AT WILL, and I can't believe it did not cause a ruckus. Like lambs to the slaughter is the population of the USA with these flu shots! No one seems to know that in these "nuclear" times, you control a population by controlling their health, not waging wars. And this is very quietly going on in the world scarie to say. (in the USA in all too many ways!) It's why Bush Jr went into Iran-not for the nuclear arms, but for the biological elements that scared the pants off him. And with good reason-I was in the Army and worked with medical boards, whatever these soldiers came back with that made them ill was what drove the train in Bush's mind-I saw too much as a LOD NCO!<br />
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So eat what YOU grow, I take very great protein powders form "the Protien", and at least for Males with latent MS, KEEP YOUR TESTOSTERONE UP! I really feel that this has helped me battle the MS since it helps me stay strong and I personally think MS destroys testosterone-it's why it's so hard on Males as a whole, Females' primary hormone is estrogen.<br />
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All good things to you-Steph<br />
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Wow my has been a trial. I can so relate to people from the past wondering what happened and people in the present having no clue and all the while you feel like hell....either way. I have no idea where the onset of My MS came from, wish I did. If more people could pinpoint their thoughts maybe it would lead us in a positive direction. As for your sin that's bi mother is bi polar and its one of the hardest things to deal with. Especially with MS. I feel for you. It sounds like you have found what works for you and keeps your head up. That is a good thing, keep the faith!!!