I May Have Ms

Hello! My name is Sarah, and I am terrified I may have MS. I began this journey approximately two years ago. I started to experience numbness and tingling in my legs, face, arms, etc...; it would come and go. It recently has become much worse. I have periods that my fingers will become numb and spastic. My feet and legs will feel as if circulation has been "cut off." I have been to EVERY MD over and over and over.... My general practitioner is sending me for an MRI of my brain and spinal cord; he thinks I may have MS. I am an RN, and I know too much at times; this is what terrifies me the most. I read someone's blog as they described their legs feeling heavy at times. I thought to myself, "me too!!!" I know this seems a little crazy, but I if I end up having the disease, at least I will know and begin to live my life again; the way I feel now is fear of the unknown.
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Wow so long to get answers. I have similar problems. They started two months ago. I'm starting to feel better but wondering if its only temporary since nothing had been found. It's very frustrating to say the least. Good luck and don't stop posting. Many people when they feel better forgot to tell the rest of us what they discovered. I'm not better but I'm hopefully on my way. I suspected Lyme due to working in the yard and going into the woods to dump brush. I did not find a tick or rash and tests were negative so I have no idea if I feel somewhat better to taking 30 days of ammoxicillin or because its just the course of what was going to be anyway. Also I had hep-b and tetanus shots about 5 days prior to symptoms setting in.

Please let us know what you find out because I, too, am beginning to think that I have MS. The weird thing is, I would be so happy to have a name for what has been going on with me besides "stress" or "dehydrated" as I have been told so many times. <br />
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I have numbness and tingling in hands and feet and most recently terrible spasm - like searing pain in my left leg below the knee that comes and goes like having a contraction. I have also had an "electric shock" feeling many times down my neck when moving certain ways. Would love to be treated like I am not crazy by docs!<br />
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Good luck with getting your results. I hope you get a definite answer.