Does This Sound Like Ms?

My name is Carolyn, and I think my son may have MS.  He has been sick with flu-like symptoms, fatigue, stomach pain, headaches, fevers, and body aches for over two years.  We have seen so many specialists, and still no definitive diagnosis.   

Two days ago, I noticed a weird, rash-like mark, that followed his spine. It didn't hurt, and it was not raised.  It almost looked like someone took a fork and poked the entire spine with it.   He also said his hands and feet were tingling.

Has anyone had a funny mark down their spine?  All of his blood tests are normal.  He went from a happy boy, to a sleepy, sick kid.

I would appreciate any help.



PennyLV PennyLV
2 Responses May 16, 2012

You should check out lyme disease. It is caused by a tick bite. I am saying this because of the rash. Apparently lyme disease can mimic the symptoms of ms.

id say probaly those where my first symptoms except the rash and i had crossed eyes and it can start young i was diagnosed when i was 7 and one of my friends 3