My Friend

My friend was diagnosed with MS about 8 years ago.  About 6 years ago he moved away.  We kept in touch a little, but not as much as friends in the same town do.  Last year my friend visited for a wedding.  He couldn't walk very well and was very tired.  I have had some heartbreaking things happen to the people i love, but this cut me deep.  The person afflicted WITH ms HAD always been the strongest of our group and most athletic.  I want to help this person, but don't know what to do such a distance away from him.  I recently found out he is highly depressed and doesn't believe he will ever have a relationship with someone due to his condition.
What should I tell him to do?  Reach out to MS chat groups.  Try and motivate him to accept his situation and work with it?
I am frustrated because this person was there for me when I had something tragic happen in my life, but I feel helpless now for him.

maliz45 maliz45
May 21, 2012