Who Inspires Me?

I have been symptomatic with MS since 1991. I got my first of "TOO MANY" flu shots in the Army and became pretty ill for a few month right after the shot. I was made to take the flu shot for 9 years, getting very ill after each one and still they kept giving me them when they found me with MS in 1998 and I was medically retired,..., against my wants-I LOVED THE ARMY!!! I have always done what I needed to. I rarely do what the doctors tell me since they have proven time and time again that they have no idea of what works with MS. I am a strong Male. I know that you can not motivate others to do what they need to-you can only inspire them. That fire that inspiration makes in a person empowers that person to act-to motivate themselves. So thru all my years with MS, I have had to do both for myself. My actions inspire me and in turn motivate me to do what I need to. Seems there's no one that takes an ounce of this burden from me-I have to be Super MS Guy for everyone else. I get tired tho at times, the stakes are high with this disease and I get angry at the pitty-pots. You know those that when they had the chance to fight-they didn't. Those that found it easier to just do what teh doctors told them too-never questioning it, and then fast to blame the doctors for the lack of care and/or knowledge and there they are in a wheelchair or a stroller. Those many that never pushed themselves thru the pain to get to a gym and just "do it"and now they are so much worse and go to MS Groups to tell each other that it's OK-they'll make it, etc. Well y'know,..., it's not OK. The Human race is a lazy bunch-if they can find a group that strokes their failures-they'll join up in a heart beat. I have never been into this social enabling thing-going to my first gathering today-I doubt I'll go again, I'm going by request-not out of my need but of theirs' so I am told. I am once again,..., an inspiration.
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Well, I had started going to the gym following your line of logic and well, I found out that I can't stand the pain of a thousand whips upon every part of my back and neck and now I am back to my sedentary lifestile. So what inspiration are you talking about?