My Challenge And Concern As A Parent W/ms

I am in a wheelchair, I have bladder and bowel issues. No longer can drive or work and I have a toddler that depends on me.
Because I am not working I am back on rent. The state of MA doesn't consider my disability a priority for low income housing so I am on a wait list (its been 4 yrs out of a 6yr wait). So I started a fundraiser but I still am unable to reach my goal. Recently my neighbors upstairs got a playset for our backyard and its perfect. I live on the first floor and can see my daughter while I am on the porch. I don't know what to do if anyone has any ideas please give me input!
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2 Responses Jun 19, 2012

Find a job from home, i make money writing, also contact charities and see what they can offer they have a whole basis of volunteers and fund raisers.

Maybe you can work something from home, or ask the parents or relatives to step in and help you. If not financialy, at least with taking care or keeping an eye on your daughter. Best wishes.