I Am Happy That I Have Multiple Sclerosis

Any questions ?
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Wow.....I am experiencing chronic fatigue, chronic pain, mental confusion, memory issues, blurry vision,chronic weakness,bladder issues,and selective hearing !

Originally numb toes, feet, hands, face, neck. Then double vision for a month or so.
Nowadays fatigue, random muscle contractions, bladder urgency, bowel issues, mental confusion and memory issues.
(Much of which has cleared up since my new naturopathic doctor recommended a gluten free diet.)

~ I was going 150 miles per hr in ALL aspects of my life, which included being a Super Mom. I would never slow down. I didn't have time. I was always on the go,go,go !<br />
My kids still remember the saying, " We are the Family on the GO " Lol........Have car and money, will travel. : ) ...... and we did.<br />
<br />
~ But then one day that lifestyle stopped. It just stopped. I like to use the metaphor " I hit a brick wall " because I did. I have always been healthy in mind body and spirit. I practiced all of the things that made me, the best possible person I could be.<br />
<br />
~ I believe that all of the events that occur in MY life happen for some sort of reason or another. That everything is a learning experience that eventually leads me to somewhere.<br />
<br />
~ I needed to slowwwww down and I did. I didn't want to at the time, and I did not realize everything that I may have missed during my previous life at 150 mph.... but I am only going to focus on the here and now, not on the what if this or what if that, blah blah blah and BLAH !<br />
<br />
~ I live MY life slowly now......and with perseverance. I am in control of every decision that I make, knowing full well what the consequences are going to be including whether I am going to be happy today or not. This is MY choice.<br />
<br />
~ I have learned to be patient. To grow orchids. To listen.To feel. To feed hummingbirds. To appreciate as well as dance in the eye of a rainstorm. To talk and listen to everyone. To live in the moment. To accept the things I cannot change.To use my voice.To use cruise control. To do many things that I was not really doing, AND so much much more.<br />
<br />
~ This has truly been a blessing in disguise and very much one of those learning lessons in life that come when we least expect it.<br />
<br />
~ So now that I know what my limitations are today, I can only hope that my life will continue to get better as I am determined not to allow this one issue DEFINE who I am as a person.<br />
<br />
~ I can sincerely say that although this hasn't been easy it has definitely been worth it.<br />

I agree! After living with MS for 20 years there are still low points sometimes but overall it has been a blessing, forcing me to examine my life in ways I could not have otherwise.

Thank you. It has been quite a long journey for me, but I am still here. All I can do is take it one day at a time literally.... as you know exactly what I am talking about.
What are your symptoms if I may ask ?

I know i am rather late in answering this but i have only recently joined ep and i am slowly looking through MS experiences.

I so admire your attitude and i sincerely agree with you and Pondman47.

I have had MS for 27 years or so and in all fairness despite the lows i have had a good life.

Still with the best wife in the world who is my rock and i have had 3 good kids who i am very proud of.

You are right with MS everything is at a slower rate.

Never to late to respond. Thank you for your reply !

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Physio, pilates, gels, spray's heat, cold, tears and now I am up to meds, its just that so many people argue about them.

I understand your dilemma, I really do. I haven taken a plethora of medications, including ones for pain. Tell me who argues so much about them.

I do not mind answering your question. I will send you a message.

What do you use for pain ?

You sent me a message telling me that you had spasms and asked me what I used for this. I used Neurontin/Gabapentin for this symptom years ago. Luckily for me the spasms declined and eventually went away. I was very glad because A: I do not like western medicine unless it is absolutely needed and B: The side effects of this medication for me, was not good ! Although I DO NOT support the "National Multiple Sclerosis Society" you can call them and ask them to send you information re: all medications used for the symptoms that you are experiencing. Hope this helps and let me know how you are doing. : )