To: I Have Multiple Sclerosis Group. I Do Not Seek Sympathy, Only Empathy.

" Be kind to everyone you meet, we are ALL going through a hard time."   Unknown

Dear Group,
I may come across as abrasive or even harsh at times. Please do not take this personally.

I am authentic and very transparent. What works for me, may not work for you, and vice~versa. I am willing to listen.

I answer questions honestly and to the point.

I am here because I need support and I would like to offer my support as well.

I would like to know about your symptoms, struggles, and pain, in hopes that we can find a positive way to deal with the problem.

I believe that we "ALL" have a story whether it is Multiple Sclerosis or something else.

Hope to hear from all of you soon  :)

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I get the feeling this story was intended for someone who didn't appreciate your style? Regardless of what happened before, it's good to hear about someone who says it like it is. There's nothing wrong with that. I would rather be up front and honest than to hint at what I really mean, anyway. Innuendo doesn't go over very well with me. I don't always "clue in," you know?

Good for you for being honest about your multiple sclerosis. It isn't easy getting some people to see past our disabilities to who we really are. But it's like "love me, love my dog." You can't really separate the two, so why not be open about it from the start?

You worry too much lol...

You caught,
I think I may have offended someone so I just wanted to put this out there.

Did I also mention that I am allergic to men

me too..

ha... ha.......well at least one helped me to have 4 babies ! Thank GOD they look like me.
So the person I think I offended never doesn't really matter I just think they got mad cuz I spoke the truth.

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