Is This Really Ms?

In 1989 despite having two normal lumbar punctures I was diagnosed with ms then in 2000 I was diagnosed with b12 deficiency. The professor who diagnosed me was conducting diagnostic saliva test. It took almost 6yrs and over 70 swabs to diagnose me with this condition. The doctors here in Australia still belieive I have ms,I know they are wrong. After spending almost 2yrs in a nursing home with those with ms I realised only those with PA had bowel dysfunctions and eyesight problems. All these people had ancestors who died from typhood.
At the moment I am taking sublingual active b12,which is giving me dozens of amazing good affects such as alot of my spasims have now disappeared. I have been taking this sublingual spray for 3yrs and hope thjings would of happened a hell of alot quicker. I am now completely disabled,using a wheelchair and legally blind. Anyone with similiar experiences please contact me.

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1 Response Sep 17, 2012

Sorry to hear of your unfortunate situation. Here's a quick synopsis of what I've found helpful:
Vitamin D - have yours checked. Most people with MS have low levels and need supplementation. I'm taking 10,000 mgs every other day to bring up my level.

Vitamin B-12 - I inject 1 cc bi-weekly into my thigh. Something about MS inhibits the body's ability to absorb it thus the injection. This helps my fatigue immensely.

Gluten - A gluten free diet has done amazing things for me. After only two months I feel less fatigue and have minimal digestion problems (this is after twenty years of alternating bloating/constipation/runny stools/cramping)

Lumbar punctures should be a last resort for diagnosis - they are painful and can go very wrong. I've never had one, my diagnosis was via spinal and brain MRI which showed multiple lesions consistent with M.S. There is a 23 mm lesion on my C-2 plus a few smaller on my spine as well as multiples in both sides of my brain.

Diet plays a huge role in how I feel - if you want to know more check out Dr. Roy Swank and go from there. It's a healthy diet even for those without the disease.

Best of luck! Don't give up!