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I have Multiple Sclerosis and I lost my job, where I was able to work part time from home and lost the roof over my head. Because of losing my home and job, me and my 15 year old cat had to move in with my mother and her alcoholic husband. Her husband is very controlling, emotional, verbally and mentally abusive. He and my mother are retired and do not go anywhere. Being I am unable to go anywhere, all three of us are always home 24/7. I have asked him many times to please put ramps on the front and back door, as I am in a wheelchair and would LOVE to be able to go outside. Because he refuses to put ramps, I am forced to stay in my bedroom 24/7. I am unable to go outside where there is fresh air and sunshine. I feel like I am a prisoner, being in this bedroom 24/7. Even prisoners are allowed to go outside. You have no idea how I wish I could get in my 14 year old car (which is in their garage) and just go somewhere. I am grateful that I have a roof over my head. But, living in their house is not good for me with MS. I need to be able to have fresh air and sunlight or God forbid a fire breaks out, I cannot get to safety outside by myself since there are no ramps. Being cooped up in my bedroom 24/7 is not good for someone like myself with Multiple Sclerosis. The only income I receive is disability which is $918 a month. I am unable to move out into a single story place. I am a single female with no children. Because I am single with no children, I was told that I can not get any kind of assistance to live somewhere else. I NEED to live somewhere else but in this negative environment. I am getting weaker being cooped up in my bedroom 24/7. I do not know what to do. I feel like I am withering away mentally and physically. Please help me!
Sincerely, Sharon
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I said to him that I will pay to have the ramps put on and he said absolutely not! The reason he will not put ramps on the doors for me is, he will not disfigure his house and be an embarrassment to the neighborhood with having ramps for me. And my mother does and says nothing when he said this to me. So, I am stuck in this bedroom, with no way outside.

I would reach out to a local church and ask them to help you with some ramps.

I have called and they cannot help. The only thing they can offer is a one time help and that is 350.00. Like they told me, they do not help with housing. Like I stated, I have called for assistance from every organization where I live. And there is no help for an american single female with no children.

Please get in touch with your local MS SOCIETY. They should be able to give you some assistance.