Looking For Positive People W/ms

And maybe new friends. I feel that only ppl w this condition can trully understand what it is like. But I want to connect w/people who have a positive outlook on life, like myself. Despite it all. Anyone? :)
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Hello all. I've been moving forward with life by welcoming the spring and counting my blessings, starting with the fact I woke up this morning. Seriously, how is everyone doing? Hope with the change of seasons brings an uptick in everyone's health.

yes yes! i am 18 and was diagnosed 2 months ago. my life just begun so i am going full strength and completely positive against this disease!!

I try very hard to appreciate everything good in my life, even things like its not raining out or a juicy peach. My family hates my Pollyanna approach, oh how they love to complain about everything. I have had ms for 20 years and sometimes it's so hard not to absorb their negative energy. I could complain their ears of if I chose, but I choose not. I try to do that when I'm out in public and people see the ms first (cane or chair) if I fall, but I choose not to let it define me. That's the key-how You choose to see it.

ugh...I can't believe they are so negative. If anything, they should be encouraging you.

I just have a normal family like everyone else, but they like to **** and moan. The washer broke and the faucet leaks, somebody needs to take care of it and we spent all our extra cash on Christmas, so we are just like everybody else, except for the ms. Life happens, you need to squeeze happiness out of every moment. They do understand my limits- my kids have grown up with me being unable to handle the physical part of life, but they do ***** a lot about having to help around here. Once again, boo hoo. I just look at it as boot camp for real life. As for me- I have used this gift of having to not be what I thought I should be, but be the me I want to be. I have many creative pursuits- find people who love what you love - you will feel good from the inside and ignore the haters.

Or just do something simple like a jigsaw puzzle. You'll feel good when it,s done, you marvel at your diligence in finishing a project, and you'll find that the haters will want to help you because everyone loves a puzzle. And if your husband says it's ok but you should have picked a prettier one, refer to what your success was ( no matter how minor) and repeat to your self- these are his issues- not mine.

My family also is pretty strange about this MS...my mom who is involved in EVErYTHING, she pretty much lives in denial. and my in laws think my dietary approach is great but they don't get it, serve me food all the time that I won't eat. They mean we'll, but just don't get it. Certain "friends" have also checked out, but I just have to see they weren't friends anyway. oddly though I have really learned to count on myself.

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I also need positive people!!! I'm 41, diagnosed last year after several exacerbations. But I take impeccable care of myself and want to love life! I hesitate to tell anyone because that look! Oh poor you is the look. I don't like it at all. Not poor me, I'm am doing really well!

Oh, I know that look. I don't tell many people. People who know me for years, don't have a clue. I just don't share. I started to share with some, and they listened but most didn't really say much. They tried to show support though and no stupid questions, which matters.

,!,! certain people are so much trying to be supportive that I feel they need the support!! all the cliches come tumbling out of their mouths. I'm a nurse tho and I just remember that people just don't know how to handle. it's good to hear someone else who keeps things quiet at times!

Thats why I have to chose who I share this with. Although those who know didn't really need the support, so its ok. Last year I started to come out and told more people, while only a couple new before. But there are some people in my life who are my friends and know me for many years (well so called friends now, b/c I don't feel that we have much of a relationship anymore), who have no idea, b/c I know that sharing with them is not going to benefit me.

Well maybe you'll hear the old " but you don't look sick" I would just answer " good". As far as whether or not (or how much) you disclose, mine came down to how I wanted my two young daughters to grow up with it. I didn,t want them to think it was their fault or internalize it in anyway. MS is the ugly stepsister we had the misfortune of welcoming into our family, but thems the breaks. If you got it, rock it.

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Hi! You are going strong, thats great! yes, we can connect here.

Hey, I've has ms for 17 years. I'm still going strong and I refuse to let this beat me. Would you like to talk??