The Worst Day May 27, 2001 Of My Life

I had been having trouble with tingling in my hands and dropping things all the time. Then i would have days i just hurt all over so bad and the worst thing was the burning all the way up my spine. My grandfather said honey lets go see the doctor its probably a pinched nerve but lets be sure. So the next day me my grandfather and my parents went to the neurologist and he did some tests and then i had the spinal tap, about 3 days later the doctor calls and wants me to come back in for test results. So me my grandfather and my parents went back and when he told me i had MS all i remember is crying and screaming no not me and i fell to my knees and asked my grandpa why me? after the initial shock wore of i had to daughters age 7 and 9 that i had to tell what was wrong with their mommy. They have not been the same since. This is just the beginning over the years when i have my flare ups i get mad at the world. I take anti depressants, muscle relaxers, lost about 50 percent of vision in my right eye having alot more vision problems now and going thru a divorce cuz after 11 years he says he can't deal with it anymore so at 44 years old i live with my parents work part time at Goodwill and have my own photo business. Didnt see my life being this way at all, I went to college got my degree and then not long after diagnosed with MS....
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1 Response Dec 10, 2012

I also did not see my life thisway. Sept 13 2012 was my day. I went to the doctor alone. My husband asked me if we would "have to talk about this every day now" Much of what I thought I had was already crumbling. My kids don't seem to understand. They are 9 and 11. Hang In There, at least we know we aren't alone! Somehow I feel sad but I do not feel depressed. I take good care of myself. That's all w e can do, now I just do it for a different reason.