65 Years Old And Just Diagnosed With Ms Two Months Ago

I have had MANY physical complaints for over 20 years. Doctors always minimized the symptoms. Most said it was just anxiety. I went to emergency room for a tightening and pain in my chest with burning sensation going from sternum to my sides. Had difficulty breathing. MS hug?
I've been falling for years also, poor balance. Went into ER three months ago with the pain in my chest, pain in my left arm and leg and pain on the left side of face.
I insisted on another MRI. When it came back Dr. said if I weren't 65, he would think I had MS, and sent me home that day. No follow-up scheduled. A week later, I insisted on a spinal tap. Doctor didn't really think necessary, but did it anyway. Three days later......MS.
Dr. put me on interferon beta-2 injections and went on maternity leave. I began VERY depressed and suicidal and felt as if run over by a truck. I stopped the injections, after two weeks, I couldn't handle it. I called and asked for a new neurologist. Was told that it had to be go before a board to do that. I've had Kaiser for 45 years and never complained to member services before. I called them and I got an appointment with a different doctor, 6 weeks later. Have not seen him yet. 3 weeks to go. I am terrified, angry. I don't really know what I feel.
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Omg, you sound like me. Plz tell me things r going better for you.

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Which area do you live in? I ask this because,you need to find an MS SPECIALIST! Sure Neurologist are good,but does he or she SPECIALIZE in multiple Sclerosis? I was seeing a neurologist whom I thought was a specialist for MS and when I wanted to switch from Avonex (which I may say did not work well for me) I was told and I quote "oh honey you have to see an MS specialist for that." Not something I was expecting to hear. So find out if your doctor truly specializes in Multiple Sclerosis. I did and I now have an AMAZING doctor!!! I am now on my 11th year with MS and have been with this doctor for the past 6 yrs. For your own peace of mind look in to it, you should really feel confident with whom you see. GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!!!!

By the way I see Dr. David Hojnacki a Brilliant doctor out of Jacobs Neurological institute in Buffalo NY.

Hope I could at least help you out a bit!!!

Don,t give up hope!!! Stay Strong and keep even mildly exercise in some way!


Keep me posted on how things are going for you! You are not alone!!!!!!


Good post I concurr, I was DX in2001, took Avonex for 2 yrs, did not believe it
was working for me, my Neuro disagreed, I found another at Duke in North Carolina,while attending a seminar for MS. Had an MRI (3rd one) He put me on Rebif. Folks need to feel good with their treatments whomever the Neuro is.
The A drug may work for you and the R one for me when the B could have been the best one for all three of us but only thru an autopsy can we know for sure. Good Luck for all of us MS'rs