I Have Ms.

I have had ms for 15 years. I developed full blown ms after I had my son but had symptons two years before. I have had lumbar puncture, evoked potential tests and MRI scans that confirmed diagnoses. I take 3 different lots of tablets and have to walk with a crutch as I walk like I'm drunk lol.
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try a walker the looks i get are priceless am thinking of making sighn asking for donations and have ppms

Hiccup ... Nothin like a bunch of pills for breakfast! Mmm ... Lunch n dinner too! Yahoo ... I mean hiccup!Best thing about secondary progressive I've found is there's a lot less meds

I know exactly what you're saying, but I am now confined to bed and in a pretty bad way. Wish there was somethIng they could for us?

I understand the MS walking thing. Depending on the day or even the hour, my walking can be a challenge. I have tried a new med Ampyra. It seems to have controlled my balance and increased my walking speed. I have read that it is not for everyone, but maybe give it a try. Ask your neurologist for her opinion.

Yes, I totally understand the looking or sounding drunk while having MS. We walk off balance, sometimes slurred speech, fall, vertigo, etc. Sometimes I think people stare at me and think I"m drunk. LOL. I think I need to make a t-shirt that says "I'm not drunk, I just have MS"

Yeah, I def need a shirt like that! I usta drive a big trk delivering stuff locally. And a cust thought I was drunk. But the receiver stuck up for me and said I prob just got cutoff. I don't drive anymore cause I fear safety for others and myself! I wish someone would find a cure for this!

Hi I actually got a tshirt that says 'im not drunk i have ms, whats your excuse?'

I bought it from Ebay anyway if you would like it aswell lol

i have to use a wheelchair because of ms.i take all kinds of pills for it and i have mri every 3 months

I have had MS for almost 5 years,relapse remitting, have had 1-2 flare ups every year am on my 3rd medication(rebif) failed copaxone and avonex. Doing ok with this one so far. I take a shot M-W-F the medicine burns terribly upon injection and have minor flu like symptoms the next day. Have only been on this 5 weeks and am already getting tired of the routine. I feel like my life revolves around these shots. I know I have to be on them but I am very frustrated and could use some words of encouragement from someone that understands what it is like to have MS. Please help!

I know it is no fun for us to take meds but just maybe we will b able to get on w life! I\'m with u. Hang in there. :)

I'm sorry you have to go through that but keep your head up. What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger. I'll bet you are one strong lady.