At Least I Know What It Is

I was diagnosed about a year ago, after several wrong diagnosis. What a mind trip, I was 47 and never new anything about MS, Then like anybody I dived into the internet reading everything I could find. All bad reading about people that could not walk, could not control their bowels, pain, numbness, tingling, depression, loss of balance and dexterity. How long before I would be in a wheel chair and having somebody change me. Now having lived with it for a short time, and talking to dozens of others with MS, I have a lot better attitude about it. I am on medication now though it does not control it, but maybe prolong the outcome. I am learning to deal with it a little better everyday. still able to work and live a normal life. Just waiting for a pill instead of injectable, or the IV once every 6 months.
whesty whesty
46-50, M
1 Response Jan 5, 2013

They have a pill :) Its called Gilenya :) Ask your Neurologist about it! (((hugs)))