Diagnosed With Ms In 2002

I was diagnosed when I was just 31. I was having weakness in my legs and arms and thought it was just a pinched nerve of sorts. I would just be walking and I would have to stop because I felt I was going to fall. I found out my diagnosis in such a weird way. Started out with going to my primary who of course does all the usual blood work and such,well it turned out from the bloodwork I had a protein S deficiency. Well giving my family history of strokes,the dr. That evening called me up at home and said he didn't feel comfortable with the situation and said Tammy I'm going to send you for an MRI and I did go the following evening.Well the next day when I was work the doctors office called and said hey needed to see me and my husband ASAP! Well at that point all the things were just going through my head,I was thinking the whole time on the way to the doctors "holy **** I have a brain tumor"! So when we got there and the doctor said you have MS and I cancelled your surgery for Monday (by the way my husband and I where trying to start a family and they needed to do a DNC on me). So after he told me both things,my husband and the doctor were looking at me ( I guess to see if I was going to break down and cry,we'll I didn't). I looked at that doctor and said "OK,first of all you can call back and have my surgery scheduled again,and as for the MS we can deal with that after I have a baby!!!! The MS is not going away and I wanted a child!!! So he did just that and after 2yrs of being monitored with the MS and the fertility drugs I had to take for IVF,today I have a BEAUTIFUL 8yr old little girl!!!!
I guess with my long winded story I just told you ,my point is I wasn't giving up on my dreams of being a mom! Does having this disease suck? HECK YEAH!!! But I REFUSE TO LET MY DAUGHTER SEE ME GIVE UP!
As the saying goes"I have MS, it doesn't, have me!!!
Now I work full-time,take care of my household,live through the pain and get my Tysabri treatments every month.
This is my life now and I have embraced it!!!! And am making the best out of having this disease!
Remember at the beginning of my story I thought I had a brain tumor. Thank the good Lord I didn't!!
Also remember, someone always has it worse then you!!!
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I wish i would have had a brain tumor because then i could be cured but there is no cure for M.S.

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Loved reading your story. I was diagnosed in 1995 while my wife was pregnant with our first child. I thought the world was ending! I pulled myself together and have never looked back! I now have five wonderful kids! Don't let ms control you!!

I was actually hoping it was a brain tumor when I was going through my diagnosis. Heh.

Thats a great story! Did the fertility drugs you had to take for IVF, bring on your MS symptoms or cause attacks?

Thank God it didn't!!