I'm 33yo, I live in Hudson Florida. I was diag last yr in sept after 6-7 long yrs of searching why I was dizzy:) At 1st I was told I have a unfound dis, then doc's laughed at me, then I was told by mayo I was stressed/dep. Now I'm just pissy! Maybe dep prob dep! I think the answer is in stem cells? But who knows? I'm just tired of bn dizzy/clumsy!
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Me too! I'm 33 and a first grade teacher. Diagnosed in June 2012 and I'm just angry. As hell. I have two young kids and a hard to cope with spouse. I'm still on steroid treatments and take Copaxone. Don't know what the answer is but am holding out hope something is around the corner in our lifetime. I don't want to be crippled. Take care and God bless.

There is a belief that MS is related to Vitamin D deficiency. I suggest you investigate it.

Welcome to Experience Project, Ted! Thanks for sharing your story... you are definitely not alone.