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Hi. My name is Amanda, I am 24 Years old, And have been dx'ed with MS since april 2011. I am married to a wonderful man named Josh, 27, and a veteran of the Army. We have been married since 10/01/2007. We have 2 Furbabies, Jack and Ellie.

During the weekend in April 2011, I had some pain and blurred vision in my left eye. Chalked it up to just be a bad headache and took it easy. My husband had to go do some training and was leaving for 2 weeks that Monday. I woke up Tuesday morning and had completely lost my vision in that eye. So I called my friend and she took me to the hospital. I went to the ER, they did their exams, and sent me upstairs to a Opthamologist, who did several tests on my eye. Then he called in a Neurologist, who also took a look into my eye. I was then diagnosed with Optic Neuritis, and he got me into a room and started me on a steroid IV treatment. I had to do that for 5 days straight. Then the neurologist I saw got me into an MRI. The MRI showed I had lesions on my brain and spine. I was officially diagnosed with MS, And I chose to go unmedicated.

I have only had 1 major flare up, and a few very small ones. My major one, I called an on call nurse and she ended up calling 911 because she thought I was having a stroke since my right side of my body from the chin down went numb, but it was just a flare up. It took a few months to get over. But as of now, I have been flare up free for about a year :)

I'm excited to get to know some people who know how it is, and not just saying "I understand" when they really don't.
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Hi Manda! I think it's great that you're reaching out. MS can be very isolating...I know. I've had it a long time:) so I really do understand. Every-bodies MS is very different though, it's weird like that. I'm writing a blog about MS and stuff in general that might be helpful, or funny, or inspiring. Please check it out and when you do, leave me a note and we can talk/type, some more :))
ps. Manda, what are Furbabies :/

Thank you! I think I will fallow your blog :)

Furbabies are our pets. Lol Jack is a dog, Ellie is a kitten. We don't have children of our own so we call them our furbabies :)

Follow* wow I never spell like that. haha

Such bravery. I was diagnosed June 2012. I'm still having trouble but am doing the meds. Still doing steroids. I'm angry because I have two young kids. Stay strong. They will find something in our lifetime. God bless.

Waw, such is life don't it? Stay strong as you. When you are down focused on the positive things and through positivity you will gain strength.