Mutiple Sclerosis

I have had m.s. for about 15 years.I had all the ususual tests,it took a while for them to find out,but deep inside i  already knew  it.I take Rebif by shot 3 times a week. i started out on Avonex, but that made me sick for about 2 days in a row.I have no problem with the Rebif,but i do take tylanol  before each injection. Some days are good and then there are the bad days.Its not easy,but i do it. i always say i have  m.s. but it doesnt have me!!

texasrosie texasrosie
3 Responses Aug 11, 2008

There has been so much progress in the treatment of M.S.! Researchers are learning more and more each day. I hope one day soon there will be a breakthrough which will allow them to develop a cure. Hang in there you two... you're right, you have MS, it doesn't have you!

thanks for writing!!Feel free to chat anytime.Oh yes does the sun bother you?It zaps my energy real quick.I try to avoid much sun(which is darn near impossible) because we live in west Texas.

I agree right along with you, I mean my mind refuses to let it get to me but sometimes I just cant fake it. I've been diagnoised since 2004, but like you knew I had it plenty of years earlier, but you know them doctors (lol). I take Copaxone one shot daily,the meds see to be doing well, but my whole body is so lumpy from the injections. Well lets just keep up the positive thinking, to many things going on in my life to worry about MS, theres more important things to think about (smile). Nice chating with you hope to hear from you again.