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Hi. My name is Jessica. I am 16 years old. Back in September I woke up one morning and my foot felt like it was sleeping and I just thought that maybe I had slept on it wrong or something. The feeling started getting worse and it went all the way up to hips. When I would move my neck to look downward I would get this almost vibrating feeling which was extremely weird. I would get dizzy and I was always tired. My mom thought I was nuts. Many tests later I was diagnosed with MS. When the neurologist told my mom and I, I was confused cuz my mom stared crying and I had no idea what MS was. So I went home and started looking things up and I got scared. Now I am on medication. I am taking the copaxone injections. They hurt so bad. I get lumps and welts and its just not pretty. Sometimes it takes an hour to be able to build up the strength to give myself the shot. I am one of those people who sit out in the waiting room shaking when its time to go get shots cuz i hate them so much. Now i have to give myself a shot everyday. This thing has taken over my life. I have gotten very depressed. I can hardly get up in the morning. I used to be able to fight the tears but now if I don't let it out I feel like I'm going to explode. I get angry and ill randomly snap at people. This is not the person I want to be. I want to be your average teenage girl whose biggest problem is deciding what to wear tomorrow. I wish it'd go away. I just want to feel better. Physically and emotionally.
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Squall line expected here late day today. Feel free to add me. I have CP and Autism

Jessica, I forgot to put my blog address in;

Jessica I totally understand how you feel! I have had MS a very long time and I think I can help.I have learned a lot, both physically and emotionally. It's a big blow to you and your mom.Everything you described is normal...the anger, the crying, the snapping; but IT DOES GET BETTER . Please go to my blog where I write about my life and MS and some other things. Take your mom too. Be sure to read the post "Girls, Girls, Girls". When you've had a chance to check it out drop me a note and we can talk/type some more :)
The skills that you will learn now, to help you manage and live well with your MS, will be skills that you will find VERY useful in other areas of your life as well.

I totally understand what you're going through. I'm really sorry hope you feel better with it soon :(