Love, Loss, And Ms

This a story about me and my dog. I am not sure how this ends up- my husband, daughter, and dog are still at the vet.

Ten years ago I had to exit the workforce due to MS. I adopted an adult male miniature pincher. I knew these dogs can be tough to manage, but I figured I had the time to work with him. I remembered telling my Neuro about the dog, about I'd have a reason to take a walk. He was writing while I spoke but when I finished he looked me in the eye and asked who would walk the dog when I couldn't. I looked back at him, stunned, like really? It could get that bad?

Well that dog was the biggest mistake I ever made. It yanked me so hard I fell (I am so spastic) "timber" bam and hit my head so hard I got a concussion. Then there was the time my legs were wrapped up in the retractable leash and raced after a squirrel, I still have rope burns from it on my ankles. He peed all over my house and ruined our rugs. He peed on shoes. He peed on my Christmas tree.

And the older he got the worse he got. I don't know if dogs get dementia, but he was certainly demented. He started to nip people.

So now I mourn the loss of my dog and also grieve over the fact that MS will prevent me from being able to care of another one. MS denies me again! One more thing to concede or abandon to MS.

As you can guess, the dog didn't come home. But it was his time, and to everything there is a season. So I bet that dogs head is in God's garbage can right now causing some angel fits.
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2 Responses Jan 18, 2013

We put him down. Bad hips, arthritis, old age and a cold upstate ny winter tipped the scale. The vet said we would be back in six months with the same issues and decision. So I pulled the trigger, so to speak. But I really mourned my lack of ability to take care of a stupid dog. How lame is that? then had the thought "well I will probably never be able babysit my grandchildren, if I ever get any. " I then had a vision of me dropping my grand baby an it's head. But if ms has taught me anything it's don't get too far ahead of yourself. So I will leave the future in the future, and enjoy where I am now. I still have the cat for company. MS really does bite the big one.

So, what happened to the dog? Is sucks how MS just takes away so many things.