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I was diagnosed with MS when i was 19, i was put on the newer Avonex auto-injector. When I was told that i had MS i broke down and couldnt take it anymore, i spiraled into a very bad depression, suicidal. i kept asking why me? what did i deserve to get this? i have no family history of it, and it just popped up. it started with my legs tingling like crazy and it progressed into my arms. When my left eye got really blurry almost blind, thats when the drs hospitalized me and gave me some steroids for 3 days. After that the tingling went away and the eye got better. it has been a struggle, until i went to gluten free. 100% gluten free. And when i used to take my shot, i didnt wanna move for the entire day, but now i wake up after my shot and i pop right out of bed and lead my life like im 100% regular. i would suggest if you are struggling with your MS try to go gluten free and you will see a huge turn around.
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thanks for the advice! i am 18 and i was diagnosed two months ago. two weeks ago i was like a mummy in a wheelchair after 10 relapses in three months. i thought i would be stuck in it forever and that the relapses would never stop.. i started avonex pen as well, my neuro wanted to get me on tysabri but my mom didn't want to because i am JC+.. now, two weeks later my eye recovered completely, my speaking also, i can do everything by myself, and i can walk by myself short distances. i still wake up in the night because of feeling like i'm freezing from my avonex, does that get better?

I went gluten free - its been 3 years now and I didn't see any improvement. In fact I get attacks more frequently. I am still gluten free, because it is just easier on my stomach.

The depression just gets better, you have to embrace that you have it rather than try and hide it. When i first got it i didnt want to have it at all, but than family and friends started to give me support and i started making videos on youtube about my MS, and tried to help people instead of living with it, and not telling anyone. The gluten free diet is good, it has made me feel so much better, im not sluggish, and i actually want to do more activites, compared to how i was eating before. I suggest trying it for several months and seeing if you feel different and better. As for the numbness and the eye, they put me in the hospital and got me on steroids that fixed the numbness and blurry vision, they also put me on a once a week shot that i have to take, which is the only reminder i have that i have this disease. i still have a little bit of blurry vision which the drs say, ill have to live with most likely. But after the Hospital i havent had any numbness or tingling, unless it is extremely hot. The hospital was probably the worst time ive ever had, just realizing that all this is happening. My biggest advice is to keep your friends close and family closer. The support and power they give you is the biggest sign of hope. If you need anyone to talk about this to im always here too, im here to help and get you through this hard time. I hope you start feeling better soon.
Peace Be The Journey.

I'm so happy I read this. I found out just a couple if days ago, and the depression has just been getting worse. I want it to get easier. How is the gluten free diet? Did they suggest IR do anything for the numbness or your eye? I have pretty much the same symptoms.